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Amanda is absolutely incredible. I initially reached out to her when I was around 20 weeks pregnant and totally clueless. Amanda was super patient with me and my husband, as we were not very informed and felt pretty anxious about becoming parents. She met with me several times before I gave birth, provided great educational resources, and helped me draft a birth plan that I felt good about. Although literally nothing went according to plan and I had to be induced at 41w5d, Amanda was super supportive and I know things would have been totally different if she wasn't there for us. I had to make some decisions I never wanted to consider regarding the induction and labor. Amanda was there to encourage and comfort me when all the options seemed overwhelming and disappointing. She never judged me and always believed in me. I felt very supported by her. Amanda has a very calming presence and gave me the confidence to get through the tough moments of labor. Though I had only met her a couple months prior, she didn't feel like a stranger or someone I had hired to do a job. I felt she became part of our family after helping us through such a stressful day and pivotal time in our lives. Her kindness and care was evident from day one. I would highly recommend Amanda to anyone and everyone! She is passionate about what she does and I'm forever grateful for her. 

-Brynn E.    7-13-22

I cannot recommend Amanda enough as a birth doula. From the moment we met her, my husband and I felt completely at ease with her and all our nerves evaporated knowing we would have her in our corner. She provided both of us with all the resources to help prepare us for the birth of our first child, guided me through the development of my own personalized birth plan, and answered all of our questions with patience and openness. She was always available for a quick call or text to helped me navigate important decisions and process new information about my pregnancy and my options for delivery.

During labor and delivery, Amanda was an absolute rock for us. Her calm presence was a huge source of comfort for both of us, and her expertise in laboring positions and breathing through contractions were an absolute game changer. I went from 3 centimeters to 9 centimeters in just a couple short hours in large part because of her guidance!

After our little one arrived, Amanda stayed with us well after the birth to ensure we were comfortable and checked in on us frequently providing us with valuable resources for postpartum care and recovery.

Overall, we cannot speak highly enough of Amanda. She is an incredibly skilled and compassionate doula who truly cares about her clients and genuinely wanted me to achieve MY desired birth. We feel so grateful to have had her by our side during one of the most important experiences of our lives, and we would recommend her without hesitation to anyone!

-Margaret & Hurley S.    2-15-23

Amanda was an amazing doula. We had a planned home birth and throughout the whole pregnancy and process she was proactive about reaching out to make sure we didn't have any questions or needs. She did an in-person interview prior to being hired and went over her role in birth as well as going over some common questions. Amanda gave us resources for lactation consultants if need be as well as offered to help find any child birth classes. We had a very long labor, overnight, and Amanda was extremely patient and stayed awake the whole night to be a huge mental support and encourager. Through each contraction, Amanda was there to help with breathing techniques and during breaks with contractions, there to help with position changes and offering water/food for more energy. We would definitely recommend Amanda as a doula! She is awesome!

-Danny & Shannon J.  9-6-22

You were such an incredible support to Dan and my family. Dan and I had talked for months about how we would take labor as it came and no matter what, we would prioritize baby’s and my well-being. We were hopeful for a medically unintervened birth, but when they suspected cholestasis and disqualified us from the birthing center, no matter how prepared we were for that eventually, it came as a disappointment…You brought such warmth, kindness, nonjudgmental attention, and such a big heart to that labor and delivery room. I always think of how I will tell my baby the story of his birth, and I will think of you. I am so deeply grateful that I get to tell him how your kind and gentle support helped his safe entry into our world. You empowered me to advocate for what I needed in order to lean into every contraction. You supported Dan and my family to be strong for me. For this, we are all grateful to you.

-Suparna K.    6-6-17

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